Body Construction and Assembly

RBB is the premier Ford Bronco tub manufacturer in the country. This is what we’re known for, but we do so much more for the vintage Ford Bronco owner seeking parts and body-related services.

Our steel vintage Ford Bronco body tubs are assembled from authentic reproduction components that we helped reverse-engineer with a major stamping plant. We adhere to strict specifications based upon the original designs. Our body tubs are assembled using water-cooled automobile factory resistance spot welders just like the ones GM and Ford Motors used to assemble the original early autos, including the 1966 to 1977 Ford Broncos.

Our shop has spent endless hours critiquing our builds to get the best ensured fit for your replacement vintage Ford Bronco tub. Our Bronco tubs are guaranteed to drop onto the existing frame with ease. Your restoration will be superior to the original Ford Bronco, because we use e-coated automotive grade steel and seamless construction.

Lesser assemblers use a standard wire-feed Metal Inert Gas or MIG welder along with a small PRO-Spot spot welder. Vintage Ford Bronco restorations depend upon a good fit. The RBB method of manufacture is so close to the real original manufacturing process that the fit is far superior when restorers use our parts.

Body Work and Panel Alignment

When the owners of Rust Belt Broncos met with the Ford Motor Company and a major tooling company in early 2012, we approached them with creating the perfect Bronco parts template so our company could launch the first full vintage Ford Bronco reproduction tub in the business.

Today, RBB uses all new steel panels in each body that are completely reverse engineered to match the factory OE panels. This took millions of dollars in investment and years of work with sheet metal stamping companies. We also spent two years refining our own fixture designs to make sure they replicated the factory specs for body parts and panels precisely. Finally, in 2014 we began providing the best fitting vintage Ford Bronco restoration parts available.

Demand for our products in the aftermarket is high. Our products are made to be perfect and historically accurate and they are both.